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High Road to China

ImageTom Selleck as a dashing, hard-drinking roaring 20s airplane pilot, need I say more?

Hard to believe this film is over 30 years old and Tom Selleck still looks great. Maybe he has a portrait of Dorian Gray thing going on.

If you see the similarity to Raiders of the Lost Ark, most likely it’s because Selleck was given this to soothe missing out on the real thing due to scheduling conflicts with Magnum PI. Instead we got Harrison Ford. I would have been fine either way. Indiana Jones was cool, but irrelevant to the plot.highr3

I think I saw this like 3 times in 1983 and once since. I still like it. Romance, witty banter, cool costumes, adventure, great scenery, action…it has it all.

And it gave me an expression I’ve enjoyed ever since…The oxen is slow but the earth is patient, ok, it was a Buddhist proverb first, but it still makes you think.highr2



Very me

One thought on “High Road to China

    I love Tom Selleck! This show is a great one, but it’s always nice to see Tom! This show is 30 years old, but Tom looks great there, and still looks great!


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