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Cheese Shadows

ImageOK, it’s really called Dark Shadows, not Cheese Shadows.

To be upfront I liked the original Dark Shadows and I like most stuff done by Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter so throw in Jonny Lee Miller and Michelle Pfeiffer in a supernatural comedy and hey, I’m there.

alicecooper1Oh yes, and they had Alice Cooper performing, er, need I say more?

darks1The critics tore this to shreds and let’s face it, what do they know? Audiences are made up of real people, we go to theatres to escape, to learn, laugh, groan, hide our eyes, smile, remember, and sometimes cry. We want to be thrilled, chilled, and be diverted from reality. We don’t have to be all snobby, oh, this film is so below our very esteem. Whatever. If you like it, there it is.

I was overtly pleased by this movie. It was campy and I mean that it the very bestDalek-made-of-a- rubbish-bin-with-a-plunger-and-whiskDoctor-Who-campy; there are only so many actors and directors who can pull that off. It oozes cheesiness and not just cheese, the more serious stinky types of cheese.

It has nuances, rambunctiousness, and subtle comedic flashes. I felt as I did the first time I was gifted with Beetlejuice.beetlej6This made me bubble up with happy.



Very me

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