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coven1I’ve noticed that in movies, books, and TV series witches and warlocks don’t get a lot of time to enjoy their powers. They’re always being attacked by other witches or warlocks,  and/or other supernatural beings like zombies, ghouls, demons, ghosts, and even humans get in on the action. It seems like it might be tiring. On the other hand you’d have cool powers. So real toss-up there.

coven2Kathy Bates is amazing, then again, when isn’t she? Angela Bassett is spooky. And the Stevie Nicks episode was chilling. Will be sad to see Jessica Lange leave. The cast is fantastic and almost unearthly. coven3

All the American Horror Story series are interesting in their own way. AHS, especially Coven seems to serve up both revulsion and enjoyment; most of the time I question why I have one more than another…anyone else?

Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m finding them an interesting yet at times disturbing brew.



Very me


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