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hobbit5Meanwhile, back in Middle-Earth…

These folks just can’t catch a break. Apparently neither can we. Another over 2 and half hour movie? Seriously?

Set in a time “Between the Dawn of Færie and the Dominion of Men” (way to pin down a time Tolkien), The Hobbit is a fairy tale for children has been accepted as mainstream, beloved by young to old.

Like The Lord of The Rings trilogy, its precursor, The Hobbit appeals to people because it’s a heroic, epic journey that deals with themes of evolution and maturation.

Using mythology embedded in people’s psyche, Tolkien builds a world in which we would find ourselves intrigued, excited by the adventure, and yet still frightened and repulsed. George Lucas does the same with his Star Wars epics.hobbit2

I was dreading Desolation of Smaug. Despite having Richard Armitage (see, Peter Jackson takes my casting advice), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was many hours of I want those hours back. The first 45 minutes were particularly tedious. Toward the end it had picked up a bit and I was almost disappointed when it ended, unlike my bladder.

Desolation of Smaug was more action packed. To give Jackson some credit, we had to be introduced to a bunch of new characters in AUJ. But like The Lord of the Rings: Return of The King I didn’t care what happened as long as it ended sooner rather than later.

hobbit6DOS seemed to fly by. It was awesome. Smaug the greedy dragon with a God complex (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) was horribly entertaining.

Martin Freeman was, as always wonderful.

Ian McKellen is a perfect Gandalf, although I think they’d all have less problems if he could slow down on the cryptic. I feel like dwarves in particular with their hot-headed issue need more instruction.

I’ve noticed in this trilogy they managed to make a few of the dwarves a lot hotter, including hobbit7Richard Armitage who takes brooding to another plane of acute cute.

hobbit1I now hold out some hope for The Hobbit: There And Back Again. It’s faint, but present.

As adaptations go, I think it’s obvious Peter Jackson is a fan who happens to make movies. My back and bladder would appreciate if they were a tad more concise.



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