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The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor


 This 2011 novel fills in the empty spots about who The Governor (played by David Morrissey in the AMC series The Walking Dead) was before he become the guy who sits drinking, looking at his prize heads in fish tanks. Everyone has to have a hobby I guess, even during a zombie apocalypse.

It’s interesting because in Season 4 of the series we see Chamblers/Chalmers family applied sort of and er, differently.

I enjoy back-stories, like pieces of a puzzle, they fill in and let you see the larger picture.

The Governor is a fascinating character, you want to know what makes him tick, you want a peek inside his brain, although that might be too scary to linger.

They picked a wonderful actor to play him, he’s amazing and versatile (check him out in Doctor Who,  Sense and Sensibility, Blackpool, State of Play, The Deal, Our Mutual Friend, Some Voices, The Other Boleyn Girl and of course with Tom Hardy in a great series that for some reason didn’t make it, perhaps because I was the only one watching it, sigh, Cape Wrath/Meadowlands). I do miss his British accent (same goes for Andrew Lincoln).


The Governor and Rick are both good men who have been put in bad situations. They’ve made very different choices.


We do know one thing, The Governor is good at being bad.

walkingdead4Fear the living.



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