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christmas253I’m rarely a purist when it comes to films, I often love remakes, but for this one, the 1947 classic is it. There is nothing to compare.

christmas252Perhaps because of the amazing Maureen O’Hara

Or the incomparable Edmund Gwenn…

Or the precocious charm of a young Natalie Wood.

Whatever the reason, all others fade in comparison.

May I also be so bold as to suggest, even better in its original black and white

This is a movie to melt the heart of any cynic, well, maybe not, but it shows that believing in some good things is just as good as thinking you know everything.



Very me

2 thoughts on “MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET

    This show is an excellent show… I love the 1947 one, but I find the others good as well.
    It’s a show that everybody who loves Christmas should watch.


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