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1babe1Babe is chosen to be Christmas dinner, so yes, I think this qualifies as a Christmas movie. Er, now how do I do the rest of the post without spoilers…Er, ummm, there was a sequel.


This movie is sweet and juicy and delicious…oops. I mean, this is a tasty treat. Ok, this is going badly.

Babe is a delightful, heart-warming story that imbues animals with social, intellectual, and emotional capacities, to convince people to become non-flesh eating. Apparently it has worked, for many.


All the sociopolitical wrangling aside, it’s a charming film for young and old, showing us just because we think we know things, well, doesn’t mean we do.



Very me

4 thoughts on “Babe

  1. Hi Donna. I’m sorry I haven’t run across this before. Thanks for adding the link to your latest post. It’s a delightful review, and I agree about Babe completely. Babe would like to meet the otherworldly glowing pigs in my old Atonement, Tennessee Valentine. I enjoyed them so much that they will be back in book 2 (if I ever finish…), and I brought two of them to the new Valentine I wrote for this weekend.

    Mega hugs!


    1. Glad you found it now, dear friend, better late than ever! Can’t wait to read the #piglove story, er, is it wrong to crave bacon right now (won’t eat it, but can kind of smell it). 😉 lol Oops.
      What a delightful Valentine’s Day gift for your readers, Teagan, you sure know how to bring the #bloglove
      Mega That’ll Do That’ll Do Hugs xoxox


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