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bandaid3Regardless if you agree or understand the whole Do They Know It’s Christmas? or Feed The World lyrics, obviously for many in Africa it doesn’t matter, they don’t celebrate Christmas or are way too busy fighting for their lives or dying to care. There are also many prospering in Africa. They do have rain, crops, jobs, etc. I doubt they believed BAND AID were painting Africa as some desolate wasteland. Even so, we’re human beings capable of decoding information and advancing our own education. We don’t necessarily believe everything we hear in songs…on TV…on the internet…from celebrities…from the government…religions…do we? I doubt that was the point of this song or it’s agenda. It was to raise money and awareness for those dying in Africa. I guess I would rather they be a little self-righteous and help millions of people then just whining and criticizing, just sayin’.

Recorded at Sarm West Studios in Notting Hill, London, UK in a 24 hour period a month before Christmas 1984, the single outperformed to become the Christmas number one.
I loved this BAND AID song for some many reasons, still do. bandaid2

One, for a good cause. There is absolutely no reason why anyone on this planet is starving. Not in Africa, Asia, North or South America, Europe, anywhere. There is more than enough food, it’s the way it’s distributed and wasted that’s the issue. Same goes for medicine. The corporations are holding people hostage, distracting other people with fancy electronics, vacations, First World problems when we should make sure everyone, especially children have proper food, shelter, education, care, medical care and hope.

Two, it’s a beautiful song. Of course, written by Bob Geldof (The Boomtown Rats) and Midge Ure (Ultravox). Could it be anything else?

Third, look at the voice talents (some added later and more in subsequent projects, etc):OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
This spawned many other charity events, projects, etc. as well as parodies, criticisms, accolades, and so on.

I guess it doesn’t really matter if they know it’s Christmas as long as they’re getting help. I always hope the money raised all went to helping others.



Very me


    This was such a wonderful song… all the stars in it are amazing…
    What can I say, but it was so nice of these people to go into an amazing
    song that helps the people who need help out there…


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