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christmas110This is one of those destined-to-be-a-Christmas-classic that not only tugs on your heart-strings, it jerks, yanks, wrenches, but leaves you with a big smile afterward. A good cry is cathartic, right? How about a cry that uses half a box of tissues?

Sweet, heart-scorching story of a developmentally challenged young man who is loved dearly by his parents, family, and friends. The family lives on a farm in Kansas. The local shelter needs to foster over 30 dogs over the Christmas holidays. Todd (Noel Fisher), the young man talks his Dad (Bruce Greenwood) into fostering a dog, named Christmas. Todd also talks family, friends, neighbours, etc. into fostering other dogs as well. The Dad has never allowed any of his children to have a dog…for reasons that are explored within the movie.

christmas111I won’t do any spoilers, but this becomes about so much more than a dog. It becomes about healing and opening your heart, even if it means you might expose it to more trauma. Circumstances alter reality, as always and…love finds a way. Lovely. Those wicked overlords at Hallmark strike again!

Recommend it highly, as well the book of the same name (by Greg Kincaid). Unless you’re not in the mood for a good cry.



Very me

3 thoughts on “A DOG NAMED CHRISTMAS

  1. One of my new favourite Christmas movies, cried like the sap that I am… also, Bruce Greenwood is not at all difficult to look at 😉


    This is another show that I must watch before Christmas… I love dogs so much
    it will be a tear-jerker and will turn out right before the end.


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