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christmas101Admittedly this is not for everyone. I’ll be up front, while I think ballet is beautiful, I really just want to dance, dance, dance. My ballet skills are limited to a very, very scary-looking Pirouette and when I try to Plié, well, I don’t get up again…If I Jeté I end up on my Derrière.

So I will watch ballet instead and at this time of year the perennial fav is The Nutcracker. The costumes are stunning. The dancers mesmerizing, The choreography amazing. And while it’s awesome to watch The Nutcracker lead the gingerbread men army into battle against The Mouse King and his mice army, and watch the dancers act out this amazing and enduring story, the music is the centerpiece. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (anglicized as Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky) was an angst-ridden Russian composer whose very life blood seemed to flow through his music. There have been many versions of this, hope you enjoy at least one this Christmas.

christmas102I find it best to watch on Christmas Eve and so in your dreams may dance Clara, snowflakes, Russian Candy Cane Dancers, Sugar Plum Fairy, Danish Marzipan Shepherdesses, The Mouse King, Drosselmeyer, and the handsome Nutcracker Prince…



Very me

One thought on “THE NUTCRACKER

    I have never seen this show, and I’d watch it if someone else was. But otherwise – I’ll never see ballet:)


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