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christmas31I love Christmas movies, way too much. I recognize the acting is often sub-par. The sets and costumes poor. The budget clearly low. But they’re entertaining in the way only cheesy movies can be. And they always have a happy ending.
This one is not an exception. Judd Nelson as Santa is a fascinating casting choice. He’s more Satanic than Santa much of the time. I kept expecting him to ask the private school kids if Barry Manilow knew they raided his wardrobe…I can’t help it, he was sooooo good as Bender. Also, in a peculiar twist he was in disguise as a janitor, come on, you’ve seen The Breakfast Club.

Strange, but entertaining.  Sometimes Christmas gets cancelled, the world is an imperfect place.



Very me

4 thoughts on “CANCEL CHRISTMAS

  1. I think the holidays, or our desire to have great holidays anyway, makes us more likely to overlook critical flaws in holiday movies. We seem to overlook a lot more during holidays than we do at any other time of year.


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