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Hello Goodbye Hello: A Circle of Remarkable Meetings
by Craig Brown (Simon & Schuster)

hello5Bizarre and delightful book.
I’ve never been a person to be impressed by celebrities just because they’re celebrities, they actually have to do something impressive.
I’m just as impressed when anyone does anything impressive or not depending on the circumstances, intentions, back story, day, mood, etc.

That being said this charmingly dysfunctional close encounters friendship bracelet of the weird and wild kind is a fascinating, witty, and rutted ride.

Some examples that kept me page-turning:
Adolf Hitler is Knocked Down by John Scott-EllisAugust 22, 1931;
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff Cooks Sauerkraut for Frank Lloyd Wright – June 1934;
Sarah Miles Fails to be Excited by Terence Stamp January 1961;
Geoffrey Fisher is Photographed by Roald Dahl – Summer 1931;
Charlie Chaplin Plays Straight Man to Groucho Marx July 14th, 1937hello3
and Groucho Marx Wants to be Taken Seriously by T.S. Eliot June 1964
to name a few.

If you find the titles intriguing, imagine the actual stories themselves.

Celebrities hello7are people and whether chance meetings or friendships people bungle along really well or horribly as personalities match or clash.

I had a time machine how cool to be watch:
Grouch Marx and T.S. Eliot,
or Helen Keller and Martha Graham,
or Salvador Dali and Sigmund Freud,
or Janis Joplin and Patti Smith,
or Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain,
or Harry Houdini and Theodore Roosevelt,
or H.G. Wells and Josef Stalin,
and the list flows, come on, just to be that fly on those walls even briefly, almost worth what your feet would be covered in, er, maybe not.

Thank you Mr. Brown for the awesome and humbling stroll through time.hello4



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