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familyguy6Spoiler alert! If you don’t want to know which main character Family Guy killed off then don’t read any further. Really, don’t, in case you didn’t know, I’m going to say who ‘died’, well, I guess just isn’t going to be animated anymore unless they reanimate, nevermind, here goes.

fg12Brian? Brian? Are you kidding? The ubercool functionally alcoholic novel-writing Stewie‘s MBFF talking dog, Brian? Come on, isn’t that a little ruff?

If this is a ratings grab, it’s a cheap one. Or maybe they’ll bring him back, after all, Seth MacFarlane voices or I guess, voiced him.

And they already replaced him with a new dog, Vinny (voiced by The Sopranos‘ Tony Sirico). What’s with that? fg1

Maybe Stewie can get a new Time Machine or Stewie can clone Brian, I know, that didn’t work out so well the other time, but…

Thanks for the memories Brian. You will be missed…unless you come back.fg9



Very me

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