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miley29I don’t touch on music much in this blog, maybe as I did so much of it when I was younger and most music is so sterilized now.

I’m not impressed by celebrities, maybe because I’ve met a lot of them when I was younger and I discovered very quickly they’re just people. Some are nice, some mean, and/or snobby, drunk, high, deep, shallow, weird, sweet, tortured, confuse, fascinating, angry, boring, bored, frustrated, happy…just people like everyone else, but better known.

I suppose my issue with music can’t be helped, it’s in my head all the time. I hear a song and it’s there, usually forever, that can be annoying with a massive amount of songs. I tend to pay some attention, if only passing to music, awards, etc.

Last night was the AMAs. I guess besides the tedium, my only real complaint is that they’re not representative of all American music, just Popular American Music. I did watch some of it in between watching other things, reading, and cleaning my house. There was a lot of hair product going on there…

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s reverse Scandal was mind-numbingly lacklustre.

Justin Timberlake was ok, although I tend to like his comedy more than his music.

Katy Perry was certainly very, er, Geisha-themed.

Thought Miley Cyrus doing Wrecking Ball in her Flashdance sci-fi kitty costume was hilarious with the kitty on screen behind lip-synching, but I just kept thinking, well, they’re just a meal for Rob Ford.

All in all, I could have missed it and just saw the highlight reels…have to remember that, but on a cooler note, The Walking Dead was awesome last night, but hard to believe next week is the mid-season finale.wd15I guess zombies don’t have gobs of Christmas spirit.



Very me


    I didn’t watch this award show….but when I was young I watched all of them…
    I guess those shows are made for “young at heart, people”…


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