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If You Give a Shark a Moose

shark4If You Give A Shark A Moose

If you give a shark a moose he might choke on it
If he chokes on it he might end up lying on the shore
If he’s laying on the shore some men might come along
If some men come along they might stop and help the shark
If they help the shark by pulling out the moose meat he might be saved
If the shark is saved he might swim back out to sea
If he swims back out to sea he’ll be hungry
And chances are, if he’s hungry he might eat more moose meat…

With all due respect to Laura Numeroff because I think I read the If You Give A Moose A Muffin, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc. books like a billion times to my son when  he was young. And that I buy to donate to book programs because they’re so amazing.

The thought struck me as I heard the story of the Greenland shark found in Newfoundloud, Canada.shark2 A big round of thank yous to those wonderful men, Derrick Chaulk and Jeremy Ball who stopped to help the shark and filmed it so we could all enjoy. Maybe they could hop up to Toronto and give Rob Ford a hand.

Some experts say the shark was just sleeping off a too large meal, I prefer to think they helped this rare shark.

The poormoose didn’t do as well. shark3



Very me

2 thoughts on “If You Give a Shark a Moose

  1. Hmmm. I read this with wide eyed interest. I’m sorry, sharks must be different over there. Here they just eat anything they can get – in the water, although they are known to attack people in boats, the boats themselves and… well, anything smaller than they are. Maybe being in Australia makes me feel a tad different. I’m not sure I could save the shark. Knowing my luck it would turn around and bite me…. which happened at a rescue here recently. Great post. Susan x


    1. Thanks. I’ve heard about Australian sharks – they’re a fiercesome thing, maybe our sharks are more boring lol. As much as I admire them men for helping, I can’t say for sure I’d be that brave. 😉


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