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People Like Us


I wanted to know if Chris Pine could act.

He’s been Kirk, he’s been Lindsay Lohan’s hapless boy toy in Just My Luck

I’ve seen him in a range of works from This Means War (admittedly I was also a little distracted by Tom Hardy in that one) to Bottle Shock to Surrender Dorothy and even Princess Diaries 2.

But I still couldn’t figure out if he was just a pretty face or he had something.

So I watched People Like Us.


Tissues at the ready.

He’s good.

He’s that good.

This is not an action flick. It’s not a romcom or teendream or silly. This is a genuine-people-are-that-messed-up-but-they-can-still-be-awesome-and-there-for-each-other film.


Bravo for the stunning Michelle Pfeiffer for being open to different parts. She is wonderful in this movie, then again, this is a perfect showcase for all.

So I’m going with Chris Pine is a pretty face, that can act.

This movie reminds us love can be found and lost and found again all in the space of one breath. So breathe already.



Very me

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