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rf23Although Lady Gaga was the host and musical guest of SNL this weekend, Rob Ford stole the show. Back after a few weeks off, SNL launched right into Rob Ford mania with a funny and silly opening skit starring Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah – two cast members that are happy these days because they get a lot of airtime, courtesy of Rob Ford and President Obama.rf28

Not that Lady Gaga wasn’t good, she had some funny moments and musical memories, but she just wasn’t up to Rob Ford‘s star power, right now. Even the terrible storms crashing through the United States, and Canada weren’t up to Fords whirling madness. Even the tragedy of the Phillipines’ Typhoon Haiyan can barely crack the media news cycle because the Ford story is just too titillating.  Real life is happening and all we hear about is this man-child overindulging and running amok. This guy is a fantastic distraction for other corrupt or incompetent governments. No one even had time to protest Gaga’s performance with R. Kelly; she must be disappointed.

rf26What will Rob Ford say or do next? Watching him knock down elderly Toronto City Councillor, Pam McConnell as he ran around the council chamber was surreal. Who runs around their workplace knocking people over? His supporters still defend him. I used to find the Ford Nation strange, now I just think, pathetic. They would be screaming if a huge man had knocked down their Mom or Grandma like that.

How do we explain to children that it’s ok for people to act the way Ford acts…and how could we possibly explain that he’s successful anyway?

Rob Ford isn’t the first politician to do inappropriate or illegal things. We get poor governments because we don’t seem to care and they take advantage. If we all voted and held them to account even after the elections, they’d care. Consequences when they lie, break promises, do inappropriate or illegal acts instead of just making it into a media circus.
No big money attack ads, no underhanded politics, no lying or evading, no scandals, no cons…no problem. Too many politicians have forgotten they are there to serve the people.

Too bad Ford won’t get some help. Let the media frenzy die down and let Toronto and the world get back to real life.

Great fodder for the pundits, comedians, talk show hosts, well, just about everyone, but another new low for politics.rf25

Fascinating and funny? Perhaps. Sad and distracting. Definitely. Let’s get back to the important stuff.



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