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Muriel’s Wedding


Liking who you are. Self-love. Self-esteem. Complex stuff.
Can you still like or even love yourself if you’re not rich or thin or intelligent or married or have children, if you’re not famous, not infamous, just you?

Muriel/Mariel is a lonely young woman who is bullied by family and frenemies alike.


She’s overweight, underambitious and doesn’t know who she is. Her answer is to lose herself in the world of ABBA music and dream of getting married as though somehow that will mw4solve all her problems.

After taking some drastic steps, Muriel/Mariel has adventures – laughs, cries, lives and learns there are more important things in life. She learns to love herself and realizes that’s enough, for now.

Hard to believe this movie was almost 20 years ago. Still wonderful.

Toni Collette shines and burns brighter and brighter as she grows in the movie.

Rachel Griffiths gives her usual dazzling performance.

There are so many amazing, funny, and poignant scenes, you really just have to see it to love it.mw7



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9 thoughts on “Muriel’s Wedding

  1. I saw this film in the theater with my brother when it was released and just absolutely LOVED it. It has stayed with me all these years, although I only saw it the one time. I must view it again. Thanks for the post.


    This is such a great movie. Abba music is one of the themes
    of this show. Muriel (Toni Collete) is one of those people who
    has many sad and happy adventures. This show is such a good
    movie, I watch it now, once in a while…..


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