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Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy…Sorry, With Spoilers


I wanted to intensely dislike this book because Helen Fielding had the nerve to kill off Colin Firth, sorry, Mark Darcy. So I write with a heavy heart and with all honesty, in some ways, I really liked it.


Bridget is still BriImagedget although she’s a 50+ widow with children. She still says wrong things and gets herself into daft situations. A Single, looking for love and falling into problems, mostly of her own making.

The simple lesson of this book, there is no Happily Ever After. It’s smiles, mistakes, laughter, hardship, loss, discovery, agony, ecstasy, hope, blunders, pain, joy, sometimes all in the same day. Fielding wants to assure us there are no Happy Endings because life is life, until it isn’t.Image

As good as Bridget Jones’s Diary? Definitely not. I doubt anything could be. It was unique, exceptional, a breath of fresh air and so funny your insides hurt.  Bridget Jones Edge of Reason didn’t live up to it and I didn’t think this could.

Bridget standing in the snow wrapped in Darcy’s coat. Some things should be left alone.


I highly doubt they’ll make a movie of this. I think most fans will feel betrayed that Darcy has died and Bridget moved on, but in fact, what are her options?

Is this worth the read, yes. Would I have rather believed there was a Happily Ever After for Bridget and Darcy? Yes.



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11 thoughts on “Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy…Sorry, With Spoilers

  1. Hey, just read it recently. Didn’t enjoy it as much as Bridget Jones #1, but I suppose the circumstances demanded the removal of some things. I prefer a ‘perfectly’ dead Darcy to a cheating, fibbing Darcy, for example. Enjoyed some moments with her kids, especially her son’s essay on her! Anyway, got inspired to write some fan fiction, and would love it if you read it! No pressure, of course. Here’s the link


    1. And it seems since many people didn’t enjoy it as much and didn’t like the Darcy demise, so the 3rd movie will be taken from the pages of Helen Fielding’s columns instead.
      I read your post, you had me giggling and then I went to part 2 and giggled some more, thank you, I needed that today. Loved and shared. 🙂

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      1. I am so glad you liked it! Apart from you, I could think of no one who might be interested in reading Bridget Jones fan fic on my blog, so I am very happy that you enjoyed it!

        I have my issues with the book, but like you, I was happy to receive a few laughs from the book over the weekend, because I needed it too. In my opinion, the real loss is Daniel Cleaver in the new film. The Wallaker character is a suitably dour substitute for Darcy, but, to me, Cleaver makes both the films and the books. He’s hardly there in the book, but had me ROFL every time. And in the films…Hugh Grant is breathtakingly gorgeous and perfect in that role. McDreamy looks much too pleasant (and optimistic in the American way) on the trailer. There’s just no substitute for the Hugh Grant brand of insane good looks and being a total cad, is there? Even current crop of Brit actors don’t have that edge.


      2. I know, I couldn’t believe when I heard Hugh Grant wasn’t going to be in it. It’s a real loss, I can’t imagine a Bridget Jones movie without him. While I want to see it, in another way I don’t. It’s weird. Love your posts so far, your Bridgetityness is awesome. 🙂

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      3. Thank you! I’m really enjoying writing it. Brought back Daniel Cleaver in today’s post. Re-watched the first movie again. Man, both Cleaver and Darcy are GORGEOUS. I will watch the Baby film, but I just don’t think I can depend on Dempsey to bring in the laughs. Emma Thompson is in it, so I’m counting on her…


      4. Emma Thompson can always be depended on for a laugh, or a cry, whatever is needed, she brings it.
        Yes, they were lovely. We’ll have to wait and see how the new film goes, I guess. 🙂

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