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rf15This latest video shows Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford having a major meltdown even using words like “kill” and “murder”.

Ford‘sexcuse is he was inebriated. Ok. Rob Ford gets hammered. He gets very, very inebriated. He has drunken stupors during which he smokes crack cocaine.

Why is the Mayor of Toronto even at parties where they pass around a crack pipe? Does he think he’s in a rock band?rf16

Can citizens use these excuses? Next time your boss, spouse, parent, friend, police officer, etc. asks you about troubling behaviour just tell them you were in a drunken stupor, or you were hammered, or inebriated. What, that doesn’t work if you’re not Mayor of Toronto?  Double standard much?

It’s a fact that some people act differently in private than in public. What people do in private isn’t really anyone’s business unless it hurts others.

So I guess the big question is the Mayor’s behaviour, drinking, doing drugs, raging about killing people, etc. hurting anyone?

I’m all for giving people some latitude, but in this case Rob Ford needs help. Blaming others and making excuses isn’t going to help.

The only people benefiting here are the media. They’re having a feeding frenzy, they smell blood in the water.

We’re going to need a bigger boat.



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