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It was sad to see Breaking Bad ending, but luckily there’s another show out of Toronto about a Mayor involved with drugs.  Sounds unrealistic, how could a Mayor not get caught doing all this stuff? Maybe he does, denies it and they keep him in office.  Hence the reality  ‘Purple Haze’  show Toronto lives in.

The Mayor of the largest city in Canada, 4th largest city in North America, and personal friend to Prime Minister Stephen Harper has had one scandal after controversy after scandal after controversy after scandal. Yet he stays. Like The PMO/Senate Scandal, we can’t seem to get politicians to tell the truth, or be accountable for their actions.

Is this any way to run a city? Rob Ford checking to see what condition his condition is in as his ‘Good Vibrations’ sail ‘The Crystal Ship’ ? rf10

When the Mayor said he wanted to get drugs off the streets of Toronto, perhaps he really meant off the streets and into him.

Can’t wait to see what he does about prostitution…rf6

And some people were worried that Miley Cyrus twerking might corrupt young children…



Very me

9 thoughts on “BREAKING FORD

  1. I’m sad to say this is my mayor! Ummm yeah, how did he get voted in?? Not sure – he went on an offensive about ‘stopping the gravy train’ at city hall and ‘fighting for the tax payer’. Since then he bullies his way around, taking advantage of his position, and acting with no integrity or character. He has a loyal band of followers who do a lot of his dirty work for him and rally ‘ford nation’ against the gravy train tax money wasters and media ‘maggots’ blah blah blah Hopefully the fact that the crack video is in the hands of the police will help to convince his supporters that the allegations against him are not part of a media conspiracy of leftist intellectuals trying to discredit the populist hero! Good post 🙂


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