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Weighting for Mr. Chocolate Bar

It’s so easy to get validation and some sense of achievement in this world,

drop a couple of jean sizes,diet9 fit into a certain dress or bathing suit.


No need to cure cancer.
Solve problems like poverty, starvation, or avert a war.
No need to win a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, or Oscar.
Just lose weight.

Why toil and struggle to be a hard worker, a good person, a good parent?
Why try to change the world through activism or politics?
All these things get little or no reaction. It’s fascinating.

Just pop up on Facebook and announce a few pounds have been lost and people go crazy!!!
Likes from people who never like your other posts, comments, applause, congratulations. Basically throw a parade. It’s lovely, but…


All for what? The assumption is not just thinner, but healthier.
We’ve been brainwashed to believe somehow thin = healthy.
There are unhealthy thin people. There are healthy overweight people. It’s faulty logic.

This isn’t about being healthy, that’s just an excuse, it’s about image. If it was about being healthy I’d be all for it, but it ibridgetjones3sn’t.
Stop worrying about each others appearance, how much stuff they have or don’t have,and just like each other, just as we are.

I have a simple way of seeing people. If you don’t hurt me, those I love, or others, I’m good.
I don’t need to know your size, race, religion, income, social status, pedigree;

I like you for you…or not.



Very me

4 thoughts on “Weighting for Mr. Chocolate Bar

  1. I was at the gym today , I like to keep fit for the sports I play … I saw women that were curvy and seemingly healthy looking , in fact I thought they looked just fine, but they probably wanted to look like the bone skinny woman three treadmills down that never smiled once probably because she was no happier.


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