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Speaking of creepy…

Beauty pageants for children. Mystifying.

A huge exploitative industry built around children being sexy. Creepy? Way, way too mild.

Looks like these parents are living through their children. And using them to get attention and money.

So sad to see these girls learn to be valued for their looks, or a look – most of these girls are unrecognizable after they’ve been made over.

How can any parent teach a child they’re valuable because of their looks? Or acting sexy? Or being fake?
Fake hair, fake tans, fake teeth, full make up, clothes way too old for their ages, etc.

Dressing up a child like Hooker Barbie is disturbing.tt4Whether it’s:
soccer, dance, acting, cheerleading, writing, art,
spelling contests, acting, baseball, science fairs,
business, swimming, video games, singing,
Pokemon or Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournaments,
martial arts, tennis, Lego competitions, football…
children should be treated with dignity and respect regarding any activities; they should do the same.

Competition teaches useful skills: being involved, playing by the rules, winning or losing well, and giving it your best effort.

Children should enjoy their childhood while learning to be productive and decent members of society.

Congratulations to the countries, regions, etc. that say No to these pageants, until the children are older and can make the choice themselves. Unfortunate that some parents don’t have the critical thinking skills to say no for their children.

I’d like to chide TLC (doesn’t that stand for The Learning Channel?) for showing these programs, leanring about what? But I guess if people weren’t watching they wouldn’t bother.twilightzone19Let children be children while they can.



Very me

5 thoughts on “TODDLERS AND TIARAS

    It’s true parents are living through their children. A win is really important to the parents. These girls should be playing, not going to a pageant for their looks.


  2. I agree! Let kids be kids instead of making them grow up too fast. The consequences of parents pushing their children into things for the attention and money is very sad. I mean, look at Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes. It’s pretty unfortunate what die-hard competitive parents can do to their kids…


  3. I grew up with a girl who was entered into these pageants, I even went to one with them. The girls were like robots dressed as miniature women. I honestly believe it was all on her mother’s part. This girl never once talked about entering, was generally sullen when a new gown would arrive in mail, and was downright bitchy when it was time to go. I really do think her mom was living vicariously through her. I just don’t get it……


  4. That show just makes me sick. I saw none of the little girls in these pageants be thrilled to win, it was just the parents that were either happy their daughter won the ‘grand supreme’ title or whatever or I saw parents acting like children, throwing little fits and bad mouthing the competitions when their kid didn’t win. It does not teach self esteem or good behavior.


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