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foulp4This movie is so hilarious yet so politically incorrect, of course, it was 1978. I hope they never remake this, it works.

foulp2Goldie Hawn is the penultimate flibbertigibbet desperate single girl in the city, looking for love and instead finding murder, intrigue, mayhem, kidnapping, killer knitting needles, dwarves (Beware the Dwarf), conspiracies, and well, some romance with a very young and handsome Chevy Chase.

foulp1Dudley Moore as Stanley Tibbets, the Conductor/pathetic Lothario wannabe gives the best performance of his career. I assume he inspired the character of Quagmire on Family Guy.

A silly, but witty homage to Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, this dangerous comedy is perfect…

just as it is.



Very me

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