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pandas1China totally Tom Sawyered us.

Seriously, no wonder China is such a superpower.

What a sweet deal. China gets suckers, I mean, other countries, like Canada to take these pandas off their hands for 10 years. We feed them, house them, and we pay China a cool million per year for the privilege, er, sure, let’s call it that. It’s actually a trade lure.

Then tons of citizens rush out to the zoo and pay to see these pandas sitting around eating bamboo.

So apparently, we can endlessly ship bamboo here from China, but getting clean water and schools up in the North of our own country is impossible. Go figure.

Meanwhile, animals are dying off here in Canada, not to mention people, the economy is a mess, less and less jobs, we’re losing our rights, our voting system was hijacked, massive debt, prices going up, but at least we have Communist bears with a weight issue.

About that, isn’t that setting a poor example for youth? Children are going to the zoo to view two big fat lazy unproductive slobs sitting around eating all day.

What would happen if you put two people with the exact same, say, proportions sitting around eating all day? People would be all a tizzy, feigning horror, hand to the forehead, manufactured shock declaring those people were gross, they’re fat and lazy.  Yet somehow with pandas it’s cute?


Take your pandas4kids to a fast food restaurant, point out a fat couple eating away and say, aren’t they adorable? Put those people on T-shirts, make cuddly stuffed toys out of them…no? Why? What’s the difference?

Really, pandas are a fascinating species. They’re doing their level best to make themselves extinct. Sure, humans, as always, had a hand in it, but I don’t want to give credit where it’s not due.

This species is seemingly trying to bring themselves to extinction and our response is to pump millions of dollars into saving them and slapping their faces on T-shirts and ball caps. Too bad the Dodo bird wasn’t as cute. Or polar bears. Or, well, the list is long.

I’m bored with these endless distractions that get people enthused so they don’t pay attention to reality.

I happen to like reality, generally speaking, I just don’t like rich people deciding what that reality should be.




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