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longbourn7So many of us have lived and breathed the world of Jane Austen through her classic novels.

Read and reread the words. Watched the movies and miniseries. The fancy clothes, the parties, the whispered conversations, a furtive touch, a smile, balls, silks and ribbons…

The novel, Longbourn by Jo Baker is from another point of view, the servants.  The invisible class that made the lives of the gentry perfumed and perfect.

I prepared myself because so many of the Austen sequels, prequels, paranormals and other works that build on or rode on the legacy were a disappointment. This to my surprise, wasn’t.

This below stairs peek at the lives of the Bennets was delightful.longbourn5longbourn1Sarah, the housemaid was a remarkable character, with depth and spirit. She saw the world for what it was and people for who they were.

Granted, a great deal of license was taken with Austen’s masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice, but I didn’t feel it diminished the original, instead adding to the story.

I would recommend this to fans of Jane Austen.

Capital book, capital.



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