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Forgiveness. Revenge. It’s complicated stuff. Endless books, movies, TV shows, etc. have examined this subject.

revenge3Forgiving is easy, I see no point in hanging on to bitter or malicious thoughts; they burn a slow poison through you, infecting everything. Yet if you forget then the same thing could happen again, maybe even worse.revenge4Is forgiveness letting it go, or just putting it aside, or going along to get along, or remembering it, but almost like a distant life or fuzzy picture.

Would you seek revenge, given the chance? I estimate that would make me just like the person that did me wrong.

How about when you find out those that have wronged you are doing well? I try to go with: what goes around comes around and it’s awfully hungry from the trip. Anyone watching the ABC series, Revenge? Awesome so far. Sure, there are good reasons behind the main character, Emily/Amanda’s wanting revenge, but she needs to chill.revenge1

Endless twists and turns, reminds me a little of Lives and Loves of a She-Devil, but everyone is sooooo much prettier and fashionable.

Justin Hartrevenge2ley has joined the cast this year to make it even hotter. They’re so bad they’re good.

With this Revenge, if they forgave, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting to watch.

We can sit back and enjoy the armchair revenge.

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”~Maya Angelou



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