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The Partridge Family

partf3Don’t wrinkle your nose up just yet. You really have to dig down and view this in a purely: this-is-too-cool-to-even-be-cool-so-its-cheesy-but-because-of-that’s-it’s-cool way.

What a piece of junk!
Anyone recognize the line or the actor?

Everything is so wrong it’s right.

The hair,
the clothes,
the 5th rate acting, David Cassidythe general inability to look away from it all 96 episodes as though a giant bird is swooping down to carry you away in its talons and you know you should run, but you stand, mouth agape, transfixed.

This is the power of TPF.

Bask it in its neon paisley polyester glow.partf1



Very me

2 thoughts on “The Partridge Family

    I just loved this show! I liked the whole family! They got themselves in lots of troubles, and it was solved by the end of the show. That’s what everybody needs!


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