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mag6I loved Magnum P.I. so much I used to tape the theme song, from my parents’ TV to the cassette player in our rec room (yes, I said my parents’ TV and cassette player and rec room all in one sentence, get over it), in sequence, through seasons, both sides of the tape and then when it was my turn to pick a tape on trips guess what I picked? mag2Until my parents said no, which in hindsight I can really see their point.

I also wore a Hawaiian shirt to high school every Thursday when Magnum was on, hey, at least no one had to ask what day it was, right? I had a bit of a crush.

mag3Back in the day when we didn’t know every detail about celebrities lives, their politics, etc. Good times. Good times.

Haven’t seen it in years. I wonder if it’s as great as I remember? I’m almost afraid to find out.

Zeus! Apollo!mag15



Very me

2 thoughts on “MAGNUM P.I.

  1. MAGNUM P.I.
    I really liked the show. I used to watch it all the time, on Thursday nights. In fact a had a big crush on him… Gosh it was a good show as well… Liking the guy and the show, what a good combination!


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