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THE WISDOM OF PSYCHOPATHS: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success by Kevin Dutton
Fascinating book.

Dutton’s thought process after studying psychopaths seems to be that being psychopath isn’t all bad. At least if you’re not violent.

There are a lot of myths surround psychopaths, most perpetuated by media, films, TV series, books, etc. I wonder where Bloggers are the list?
Image1. Myth: All psychopaths are killers. Truth: Extremely rare.

2. Myth: They’re bad people. Truth: They see things in a different way, that can sometimes cause bad results.

3. Myth: Only out for themselves. Truth: They are often more altruistic that most people, but can be egocentric.

4. Myth: Have no empathy.  Truth: More empathy, not always used well.

5. Myth: Can’t ‘read’ people. Truth: Can actually read people better than many, even micro expressions.

In a world dominated by Cyberethics and Groupthink, this is a timely, absorbing, gripping, and provocative book.

Psychopaths are oImagen the rise in society, especially among youth and yet technically, society is less violent. Is this just an evolution in humans? Intriguing. I don’t have an opinion either way as long as they don’t hurt others.

I won’t tell you my score on the psychopath quiz, but it does kinda explain the broke and obscure part. Sigh.

Go to to take the Psychopath test



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