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I love Autumn. If I controlled the weather it would be Autumn all year long.  Warm days, cool nights. fall21
Also my favourite walking time of the year. I find walking relaxing. When I was young I used to have my Walkman (yes, you read right, that ancient legend, The Walkman) blaring music. Now I like being aware. Not only of any dangers around me, traffic, cyclists on the sidewalk instead of on the road, but aware of people, sounds, sights, events.
I think of the world as the biggest flat screen around. People’s behaviour can give me endless amusement, a lot of confusion, and sometimes I even learn something (gasp).
Interesting to see someone so immersed in texting that they walk into a pole or side of a parked car or tree. Who smiles when you smile at them, who says Hello when you say hello.
Walking has shocking benefits. Great exercise. Great exercise that’s free. No gym memberships. Saves on gas. Better for the environment.
There’s no real downside to walking, except the cars that try to run you down because they seem to think of nothing outside their metal boxes on wheels. Also things on wheels on the sidewalk with you.
I try to ignore it all and concentrate on the Fall. fall14Pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, Halloween, the medley of the leaves on trees, fluttering to the ground making a carpet of memories. fall25The world feels at its best, the horrible heat of Summer has faded, the harsh reality of Winter has yet to engulf us and Spring, well, it’s just an Autumn wannabe with a overfresh attitude.
Take a walk. Saves money, mostly good for your health, and who knows what you’ll see.



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3 thoughts on “THE WALKING FALL

    Walking in Autumn is really good thing to do… it’s alot nicer than riding around in cars all the time… You get to see different people and can smile at them, and they can smile back at you… You can also see different houses and cars and all the cool sounds that are around. Exercise is a great thing to do! Walking doesn’t even cost us any money!


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