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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

jons11I’m glad to have Jon Stewart back. Not that I didn’t enjoy Harry Potter, I mean, John Oliver standing in for Jon Stewart while he was away directing, but it’s like seeing an old friend, in this case a friend you’ve never met, but still…

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert colbert4are good for giving an alternate view from the whiny, wrong-facted, push their agenda news. They still push their own agenda, but in a comical way offered in a somewhat less brainwashy way.

In Canada we have similar programs like This Hour Has 22 Minutes 22mins7and The Rick Mercer Report.

They do comedy skits on government, news, people, etc. and generally point out the craziness and lack of common sense.

Thanks to you all for keeping us entertained, informed, enlightened, and making us laugh so hard it hurts.

Can’t wait until they return as well.



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