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Kiss Of Steel

Sourcebooks Casablanca

This book is what Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey and Hunger Games should be, but aren’t.

So why do they get all the attention?

Bigger promo budgets, maybe, or do people like them because they’re a little naughty, a little edgy, but not too much. More like a short stroll on the wild side.

This book is not tame, or a little naughty, it pulsates.

The pages turn themselves as you devour every sentence like a last meal. It’s hot, tensionated, sweaty, raw, and primal, sorta like the Buffy and Spike days.

vampsAlso, has a bloody decent plot and subtext.

And no sparkly vampires.

No spoilers, you have to feed on this yourself.

Why do we love vampires? Why are we so mesmerized by the undead who want to either kill or enslave us?

Vampiric entities show up as far back as recorded history.  The ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, etc. weaved these creatures into history; they’re a way to explain our fears, our desires (as with many superstitions).

The 18th century brought vampires from underground.

In 1897 Bramvamps5 Stoker sired Dracula and bloodsucking would never be the same. This melodramatic horror Gothic lit was a way to explore and soothe anxieties about a changing world, sexual repression, and religious issues.

Still, never underestimate ubernarcissistic humans. After all, these vamps we embrace and drool over don’t just want our blood, they want us. They fall under our spell, the vamps are obsessed, tumble into love, fall in thrall with their thralls.

Books, movies, comic books, graphic novels, TV series, we just can’t seem to get enough of vamps, even when portrayed by ill-chosen actors or all glittery. Why?
Is it the whole blood symbolizes life? Loss of innocence?
Hope of immortality?
Fear of death?
The hunger?
The embrace?
Is it because they come out at night when it’s dark, mysterious, and moist?

Or is it vamps are just so cool with their long leather jackets, mesmerizing eyes, chiseled jaws, and look-at-me-I-can-live-forever-pouts?

Vampires were never meant to be real or monsters, simply subconscious expressions of suppressed desire, fear, lust, yearning to have more, be more…be.
Or maybe sometimes a vampire is just a vampire.

Don’t forget to check out the sequel Heart of Iron and the 3rd, My Lady Quicksilver.

Hate to be presumptuous, but Richard Armitage would make a lovely blue blood Blade in the movie version. Just look at him. Who gives better brood?


This Steampunk Vampire novel is a frenzied step away from the mundane.



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