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Return to Me  is an under-appreciated romcom. This film is lovely; like a breath of fresh air. rtme2

Lots of the funny. The scene where Bob (David Duchovny) making microwave popcorn is too hilarious. Of course, the Swiss water scene. Trying to get into his truck after the valet parking. I could go on, but I think you have to see it to love it.

The whole cast is wonderful including:
David Duchovny (X-Files, Californication, Evolution, The Joneses)
Minnie Driver (An Ideal Husband, Good Will Hunting, The Riches, Gross Point Blank)
Carroll O’Connor (All In The Family) His final film before his death the following year.
Robert Loggia (Scarface, Big, Independence Day)
Bonnie Hunt (Jumanji, Beethoven, Life With Bonnie, Bonnie Hunt Show, Rain Man)
David Alan Grier (In Living Color, SNL, ALF, Life With Bonnie)
Joely Richardson (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Tudors)
Eddie Jones (The Grifters, A League Of Their Own)
James Belushi (SNL, According To Jim, bro of John Belushi)
William Bronder (MacGyver, Incredible Hulk, CHIPS)
Marianne Muellerleile (Passions, Life With Bonnie)

A story about love and loss, and how life goes on.rtme3
It doesn’t rely on plot devices like adultery or trickery.
A series of coincidences, some might say serendipity and just a lot of nudging brings our couple, Bob (David Duchovny) & Grace (Minnie Driver) together.

And it’s got Robert Loggia in it and no one gets gunned down or bombed or attacked by aliens so that must mean something.

As much as I like Duchovny in X-Files and other work, I’m never sure if he can actually act. This is the best I’ve ever seen him, he’s funny, grief-stricken, happy, sad, playful, he does it all and well, mostly he looks comfortable.



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5 thoughts on “RETURN TO ME

  1. This is one of my ‘go to’ movies when I need a good cry/laugh (the numero uno being Steel Magnolias), and as much as I enjoy it every time I watch it, I’ve always thought the final scene was a little flat. Can’t quite put my finger on it, just think it deserved a little more.


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