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Barilla pasta President Guido Barilla set off a LGBT firestorm this week when he made comments on a radio show about never wanting to use a same-sex couple or a gay family in their advertising. Apparently, their advertising represents a traditional or classic family.pasta5

After people freaked, Guido Barilla tried to ‘apologize’. He doesn’t have a problem with gay people or gay marriage, just that: “In its advertising, Barilla represents the family — because it’s what welcomes everyone.”. 

Is this guy from Italy or 19th Century Italy?

pasat4Beyond the whatever moment of his statements, doesn’t this guy want to sell pasta?

So he only wants to represent traditional families? What exactly does that even mean?  In their commercials a guy spying on a woman as she’s cooking and two people who just met eating pasta à la Lady and the Tramp style. I guess creepy and trite represents traditional for Barilla.

According to this guy only sacral families suit their core values; the rest can still eat their pasta or try another brand.  Let’s see, going to guess many will go with, try another brand.

They should send this guy out more often for interviews, he’s a great salesman.

I wonder if pasta tastes as good with your foot in your mouth?pasta7



Very me


  1. Lots of people think like that. They don’t have a problem with gays as long as they are not bothered by them or in this case represents a product. It’s a tough one, go with the gay couple advertising then it may turn off heterosexual couple from buying product. Or go with the heterosexual couple and insult gay couples. Choosing the heterosexual couple is safe and probably I’m guessing the bigger market. So I say do both have a heterosexual couple invite their gay couple friends over to dinner then no one is insulted.


    1. The discussion doesn’t need to happen… When asked if he would use a same sex couple in a commercial for his product, he could have said “We’ll see.” As a gay couple with two children…we don’t need to be equated with the lesser. Will the company use black families in the American deep south? So, not only has this man made me reconsider his products…my friends will not support his bigotry either …most of our friends are straight families who support ours. It is time to move out of Bedrock.


  2. Hmmm… Feet pasta? Or maybe a foot shaped fork… so he can take his real foot out of his mouth now and then. 😀 Hugs Donna — and thank you for all the likes on my old posts. Have a fabulous Friday — it’s almost here!


    1. lol They have pasta elbows, why not feet? 😉
      I’m so enjoying wandering through your archives, I need to do so more often. 🙂
      Yes, hope your Friday is wonderful or at least flies by quickly. 🙂
      All the best and take care. 🙂
      Megahugs!!! 🙂


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