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Divergent by Veronica Roth  (Harper Collins)   

OK, now this dystopian (or for some Utopian I suppose) novel is more like it.

You love or hate the characters, they feel full and rich, so much so they literally leap out of the pages at you.


The plot is fascinating, the ideas exciting, and the whole book gallops along joyously pulling you along for the stunning ride.

I disliked putting it down and as soon as it was over I wanted to read the next one, Insurgent.

Now I have. Was not disappointed, the second book delivers and maybe even goes beyond. Intriguing characters, fast-paced action, lots of backstory juicies and an utterly compelling plot.

Now I’m droolingly awaiting the 3rd in the series, Allegiant due out October 22, 2013. More, more more.

divergent6The movie looks promising, out in March 2014.

The only decision now, fight the crowds to go on opening day or wait until the next day.

So many difficult choices.



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