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I really don’t want to say how long I’ve been watching Doctor Who because well, just because.

My fav Doctor is still Tom Baker (Jellybaby?). ImageAs much as I enjoyed the campy-oh-look-those-garbage-bags-with-actors-inside-is-really-an-alien-or-that-the-Daleks- had-whisks-and-plungers-for-weapons-and-everything-was-full-on-cheese days, I admit I love the new Who too.

dw27One of my favs was a 1999 Comic Relief parody, Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death.

The Doctor played by Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) stumbles upon the Daleks and The Master (Jonathan Pryce) and through a series of Whoventures must regenerate again and again, first into Richard E. Grant, then Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Joanna Lumley.

Also starring Julia Sawalha as Emma (We will explain later).

Written by Steven Moffat, later head writer and executive producer to the new Who series. This was a lovingly fun & frolic spoof, divided into segments, as the original shows were, with super scary cliffhangers and a very long rehash of last weeks’ episode, so awesome.
ImageSad to see Matt Smith go, but I’ll give Peter Capaldi a chance, sigh. I still haven’t gotten over David Tennant leaving, or Tom Baker for that matter.

I was a Whovian before everyone felt the need to call them Whovians, or combine the names of couples, so that gives a time Imageframe…

Can’t believe I have to wait over 60 days for the 50th Anniversary Special. Very wrong.

I am working very hard at not finding out spoilers. Don’t disappoint me.



Very me

2 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO

  1. I was thrilled to see this on your blog. Admittedly I’m a new Whovian in both ways. I’ve only watched the “new” version and have only been watching for about 6 months. I’m almost done with series 7. No spoilers please! Feel free to talk new Who with me any time.


    1. As much as I enjoy the new Who if you get a chance check out some classic Who. Kind of like Star Wars, I recommend you start with #4 Tom Baker, although I like Jon Pertwee too. I try not to give spoilers. We’ll Who chat soon. 🙂


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