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You know it’s going to be a good movie with some serious spirals when the first scene has Ellen DeGeneres in a wedding gown in a Mexican prison explaining why she murdered someone on her wedding day.Image

Unlucky in love, Martha (DeGeneres) is depressed until she meets Whitman Crawford (Bill Pullman). They hit it off and he seems like Mr. Right, perfect in every way, until she tells him she just wants him to be himself. This romcom then takes a earnestly funny and dark turn.

Bill Pullman gives us a tour de force as Whitman, the perfect Mr. WrongImage

This will keep you laughing and maybe teach you some lessons in love.

Highlights are Joan Cusack (Say Anything, Grosse Point Blank, SNL, High Fidelity, It’s A Very Muppet Christmas, Toy Story 2 & 3, Addams Family Values, Toys) as Whitman’s insane ex,

Brad William Henke (Lost, Justified, Dexter) as her witless accomplice Bob,

and Joan Plowright (I Love You To Death) as Whitman’s Mom. Image

Directed by Nick Castle, produced by Marty Katz and written by Chris Matheson, Kerry Ehrin, Craig Munson, this 1996 comedy is a tad obscure and probably wouldn’t get any attention if not for DeGeneres.

Think twice the next time you tell someone you just want he or she to be themselves. Really.



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