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ImageThe Decoy Bride is a madcap folly about a celebrity trying to get married without the press intruding.

So they escape to the tiny fictional Scottish island of Hegg (thankfully, The Isle of Mann and other stunning Scottish locations give you the grandeur of Bonnie Scotland, but the feel of a tiny green treasure).

ImageLots of misadventures, and apparently jumping from one love to the next works once more.

At times predictable, the humour still carries the actors through a series of misadventures that leave you wondering if everyone is getting what he or she really wants or needs.

The brilliant cast including: Kelly Macdonald  (Gosford Park, Nanny McPhee, Brave, Boardwalk Empire, No Country for Old Men, Harry Potter, My Life So Far),

David Tennant, born David John McDonald (Doctor Who, Casanova, Hamlet, Broadchurch, How To Train Your Dragon, Fright Night),

Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness, She’s Out Of My League, Sex and the City 2, Entourage, Men in Black 3),

Michael Urie, Sally Phillips, Maureen Beattie, Federico Castelluccio, Dylan Moran, etc. certainly enhance the lesson that honesty would avoid a lot of the issues, then again, I suppose it wouldn’t have been much of a movie.



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