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Apparently, thebooks4 Virginia County library system decided to throw away hundreds of thousands of their books, right into dumpsters. Like murdering them and dumping the bodies.

Yes, budgets of libraries have been brutalized in the past few years, which makes these acts even more confusing and senseless. I know libraries must remove books as new ones come into their system, or to replace damaged books, or replace books with digital editions.  Usually they sell them at book sales to make money for the libraries, or donate them.

This library system has confused action with progress. We can move ahead without throwing away the past. Think about it, you can make a new friend without tossing aside your old friends. ImageYou can buy a new pair of shoes without getting rid of your other shoes.  You can get a puppy without tossing your older dog away.

While I love ebooks, there’s still something wonderful about holding a book in your hands, feeling the paper on your fingers as the words come to life in your mind.

I look forward to our Friends of the Library book sale each year. The books are all lined up, rows upon rows.  You can trace your fingers along the spine, knowing that inside these treasures awaits adventure, intrigue, romance, nostalgia, history, joy, sorrow, knowledge, hope, the future…all for you.

Ebooks are much more convenient, compact, but they don’t give the same tactile experience, the anticipation. Either way, reading is the best gift you’ll ever give yourself.Image

Throwing away books is foolish and pointless. Sell them, donate them and if they are past the point of readable, at least recycle them.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”~ Jorge Luis Borges



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