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I have a ruthless mix of jaded cynicism and childlike excitement when I hear about a new dystopian movie, TV series, or book, so I approached TNT‘s series Falling Skies with cautious enthusiasm. Since 2011 it has surpassed all my expectations and more.fallingskies2Boston, not too distant future and our world has been invaded by aliens. The humans resist and so begins an ongoing battle between the races, with a few notable surprises.

fallingskies3Starring Noah Wyle (ER, The Librarian movies and looks a lot like my brother) as Tom Mason, a history professor who has become not only a fighter, but a leader in the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, as well as Will Patton (remember him as Chick in Armageddon?), Colin Cunningham (Smallville, X-Files, various Stargates, Psych), Moon Bloodgood (actress and model; Terminator Salvation, Monk), Sarah Carter (Smallville, Boston Legal) and a fairly talented cast as long as they survive…come on, it’s an alien invasion, only the main characters last.

Many notable recurring roles: Terry O’Quinn (Lost, X-Files, Earth 2, Roswell, Hawaii Five-O, etc.), Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson from House, yahoo!), Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Sherlock Holmes, and massive voice work), Steven Weber (Wings, Single White Female, Psych, Monk), etc.

Executive producer, Steven Spielberg.  This American series is mostly filmed in various Canadian cities: Oshawa, Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver and Coquitlam, BC.  Just renewed for a 4th season, very happy to hear it.

There’s a cool after show, 2nd Watch, live, hosted by Wil Wheaton. Cool graphic novels. If there isn’t a video game, I’m sure it’s in the works.fallingskies7

The best part about this show is the interaction between the humans that have survived the successful conquest of their planet; also, between the various aliens and the humans.

A masterful stroke to have the series begin 6 months after the invasion; you’re thrust right into a post-apocalyptic world, no lead up, you‘re there because they’re there. Adults slaughtered, children taken as slaves, but the humans refuse to go softly into the night, they fight on.

This is a continuing story of love, family, friends, perseverance, ingenuity, conflict, and most of all, hope.

And because it’s America there seems to be a never ending supply of guns and other weapons to fight the invaders. Don’t think we’d do as well here in Canada, unless we can hit the aliens with our cell phones, or ride off on our ski-doos, or feed them donuts until they’re too fat to fight. Yeah, we’d cream them.donut3



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