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Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Melting cars.

Melting cars who?

A $345 million skyscraper.

Not actually a joke as it turns out. Image

A skyscraper at  20 Fenchurch Street, London, England is making pedestrians shield their eyes and car owners at nearby parking bays reach into their pockets as the reflection of the sun off the building melts plastic parts on their carsImage

Simple science really, but apparently no one thought this one out when they designed the 160-metre tower with curved glass surfaces.

First called the Walkie-Talkie tower because well, that’s what it looks like, now the Walkie-Scorchie tower, this dazzling structure’s design has a glaring error. Blindingly obvious one would have thought, but there you have it.

Developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf said: “We are looking into the matter.” Good for you, if you can shield your eyes long enough.



Very me

5 thoughts on “LONDON IS MELTING

      1. Welcome any time really nice post and found it on FB during my trawl on WP Blooger’s.

        I always believe that how ever great our world can look from a man-made prospective, it pales into insignificance against the creation of our world.


      2. Glad you found it. Yes, as much as we love to pat ourselves on the back for the man-made wonders we create, it does pale in comparison to the wonders of the world. Thanks again.


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