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The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsImage (Scholastic Press)

I have certainly read a lot of dystopian fiction, but this book just felt like, been there, done that. The plot seemed overtly-familiar and the characters were flat. Maybe it was the combination of gladiator, Greek mythology and reality TV that made it so familiar.

It had some cool moments, but frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

I rarely used to say the movie or TV series was better than the book, but here it is again. In the film the narrative flowed,  the characters seemed dimensional, flawed and fascinating, and well, no drag. Image

So either TV and movies are getting better, books are getting worse, I’m becoming more visually inclined, the special effects are cooler, or frankly, I have no idea. Looking forward to the next in this series, Catching Fire, the film that is, already read the book.

Very disappointed when Ms. Collins mentioned in the book about the flesheaters that lived in the woods, but then, nothing more for 3 books. What’s with that? And why did everyone seem so well-fed?



Very me


  1. I read the first book and was not motivated to read any more. There are too many silly things in the writing, all the bow and arrow stuff, shooting squirrels through the eye —really? But it was the hyping up of Katniss as a heroine that stuck in my craw. She doesn’t do anything heroic, just kills other kids. A heroine would have taken her little sister and headed off into the woods which seemed like a good place to be. Full of squirrels you could shoot through the eye, for example. A heroine wouldn’t do the things she did, she’d have rebelled. She is just a pretty amoral typical teenager. What’s the big deal?


    1. That’s an interesting angle Jane. The hype about Katniss was what everything is now, propaganda. Thanks for the unique point of view and thanks for dropping by, especially without dead squirrels. 😉


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