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Hell on Wheels

This AMC original show5eries isn’t so original, it’s kind of like Deadwood, instead of mining they’re building a railroad. That isn’t to say it isn’t awesome. Riveting, gritty, full of colourful characters, disturbing situations, harsh realities, and boy, they manage to make everything look really, really filthy.

It highlights the prejudice that was in top form after the end of the American Civil War, not just against black people, but other ‘minorities’, Confederate soldiers, women, well, just about everyone except rich white males, wait, was this really a Western set in the 1860s or now?

Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon) is exceptional and I think he can act. Also starring Common (Elam Ferguson), Colm Meaney (Durant), Robin McLeavy (Eva), Christopher Heyerdahl (crazy guy) and many more.

Bohannon is the brutal, but fair railway man, gunslinger, ex-Confederate soldier, boss, criminal out for vengeance for those he feels killed his family . how1This is so ruggedly raw it makes you shiver, but in a good way.

Enjoying the 3rd season.  Well-done, filmed in Canada, and hope it stays on.

Like all Westerns, it’s over the top, but with a lot of good points thrown in.how4



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