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Do I seem like I smoke marijuana?

Image‘Do I seem like I smoke marijuana?’ was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s response to a question about whether he had ever smoked marijuana. He then explained his Asthma had stopped him from smoking anything. Image

The Prime Minister went on, attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau saying he showed ‘poor judgment’ for smoking pot.

Hmmm. I guess the PMs implying that Rob Ford has showed ‘poor judgment’ A LOT.

Politics in Canada are sure gettin’ groovy. Image



Very me

8 thoughts on “Do I seem like I smoke marijuana?

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to underestimate your plight:) I’m just very disheartened by our last election, the voter turnout was dismal and so were the results.


      2. Here too, it’s so sad when people stand in line for all kinds of things to buy, but won’t vote, even online or by mail where available. Sorry state of affairs.


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