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The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune


Paul Gross was in Slings and Arrows. Oh yeah, and it was really well-written (created and written by The Kids in the Hall alumni Mark McKinney; playwright and actress Susan Coyne; and comedian Bob Martin – all 3 also appear in the series).

Had a stellar cast (Paul Gross, Martha Burns, Mark McKinney, Susan Coyne, Bob Martin, Colm Feore, Luke Kirby, Don McKellar, Rachel McAdams, Sarah Polley, Wlliam Hutt, Stephen Ouimetsa2te, etc.).

This was a hilarious, dark, and often absurd look at something very similar to the Stratford Festival by any other name. Making Shakespeare happening.

Another brilliant show-off of our amazing Canadian talent.

Sadly only lasted 18 episodes over 3 years with a dreadfully abrupt ending.

So for fans, we’d like a movie update please.

Did I mention Paul Gross was in this?



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