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It’s that time of the year, students of all ages prepare to return or go to school for the first time.Image

Businesses use back to school to sell anything and everything.  Here are some huh ones:

Alcohol – that sends an interesting message.

Condoms – stay in school, be safe.

Pregnancy tests – wait, I see the pattern here.

Students, when you drink alcohol, use condoms so you don’t need a pregnancy test.

Playstation Network sale on games.  Hmmm. Let’s see, selling video games cheaply when students are going back to school.  Curious timing.ImageImage

Bags of soil?  Lye?  Rope?  Knives?  Guns?  Are we sending kids back to school or an episode of The Sopranos?

Hair transplants? I guess those are for ‘mature’ students.

Severed feet, hands, fingers? Are we going back to school or filming an episode of Dexter?


Clearly Back to School promotions are an excuse to sell, sell, sell!

While amusing, it’s also a little ouch.




Very me

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