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The Monarch Will Be Crowned

Many people thinImagek history boring. Really? Some of it makes reality shows a yawn a minute.

England 1817 – tragic death of beloved Princess Charlotte who died at 21 after giving birth to a stillborn boy.

Only child to the Prince Regent (later King George IV for about 10 years until he died 1830, he’s another story altogether), granddaughter to King George III.

The UK was in deep mourning having lost two generations of royals at once. Sir Croft who had been Princess Charlottes Accoucheur (male obstetric) then committed suicide while attending to another birth. Cue soap opera music.                              

King George III (also known as Mad King George or Farmer George) was left without legitimate grandchildren and his kids were wild, some crazy, not getting any younger and not providing heirs. What’s a monarch to do?

The newspapers went wild, pushing King Georges unmarried sons towards matrimony. The naughtier tabloids actually dubbed this race toward matrimony the Hymen Race Terrific and the betting was frenzied.

Prince Edward (4th son), Duke of Kent and Strathearn was living abroad in Brussels with his mistress. Edward dumped her and proposed to Leopold’s (aka Princess Charlotte’s husband, Prince Leopold) sister Victoria, Dowager Princess of Leiningen.

Their daughter, Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent would, in 1837 become Queen of the United Kingdom, come on, in case you missed it, that’s Queen Victoria. Leopold, now King of the Belgians, aided his niece and helped her marry, wait for it, his nephew, Prince Albert.Image

Then came Edward VII, then George V then George VI (born Albert) – yes, the King from movie with Colin Firth.

His bro Edward VIII was King first, but abdicated his throne (allegedly, there are other theories) to marry American divorcee Wallis SimpsonDram-a!

George VI & Elizabeth had a bouncing baby girl named Elizabeth II (you may have seen her picture  around a time or million) who’s eldest is Charles (first wife, Princess Diana), who had the charming and handsome Prince William who married Catherine Middleton who gave birth to bonnie Prince George.Image

Get reading, history is sizzlin’.

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Distracted Driving NTIMM IKR

It’s not Distracted Driving, it’s Deliberately Not Paying Attention Driving.

Choosing to use your cell phone to talk or text, choosing to eat, do your make-up, drink, smoke, read, talk, shave, sing, have sex, read your GPS, watch TV…whatever. All choices. Distracted driving implies your attention was taken away. Not true. Those acts were deliberate.

Whatever you text while driving is worth killing a child? Then you wouldn’t be upset if someone killed a loved one of yours, right? Ignorance and stupidity have consequences. Image
Tell me something like: @*$ 2moro G8 is worth killing someone. How about NTIMM IKR? Text away, just not while driving. THX.

Fines aren’t harsh enough. If caught texting or talking on your cell, eating, or anything else that takes your attention away from driving, you should have your license suspended, 6 months for the first time, then a year, then permanently.

People say they don’t want the government to make more laws, but if they keep messing up, that’s exactly what happens. Then we pay more taxes for: police, EMTs, doctors, nurses, firefighters, therapy, etc. to try to put the pieces back together from the ‘accidents’ (again, not really accidents, choices). YW. AFC.Image