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Distracted Driving NTIMM IKR

It’s not Distracted Driving, it’s Deliberately Not Paying Attention Driving.

Choosing to use your cell phone to talk or text, choosing to eat, do your make-up, drink, smoke, read, talk, shave, sing, have sex, read your GPS, watch TV…whatever. All choices. Distracted driving implies your attention was taken away. Not true. Those acts were deliberate.

Whatever you text while driving is worth killing a child? Then you wouldn’t be upset if someone killed a loved one of yours, right? Ignorance and stupidity have consequences. Image
Tell me something like: @*$ 2moro G8 is worth killing someone. How about NTIMM IKR? Text away, just not while driving. THX.

Fines aren’t harsh enough. If caught texting or talking on your cell, eating, or anything else that takes your attention away from driving, you should have your license suspended, 6 months for the first time, then a year, then permanently.

People say they don’t want the government to make more laws, but if they keep messing up, that’s exactly what happens. Then we pay more taxes for: police, EMTs, doctors, nurses, firefighters, therapy, etc. to try to put the pieces back together from the ‘accidents’ (again, not really accidents, choices). YW. AFC.Image